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Document newtype-unwrapping for IO in FFI

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and <literal>ByteArray#</literal>.</para>
<title>Newtype wrapping of the IO monad</title>
<para>The FFI spec requires the IO monad to appear in various places,
but it can sometimes be convenient to wrap the IO monad in a
<literal>newtype</literal>, thus:
newtype MyIO a = MIO (IO a)
(A reason for doing so might be to prevent the programmer from
calling arbitrary IO procedures in some part of the program.)
<para>The Haskell FFI already specifies that arguments and results of
foreign imports and exports will be automatically unwrapped if they are
newtypes (Section 3.2 of the FFI addendum). GHC extends the FFI by automatically unnwrapping any newtypes that
wrap the IO monad itself.
More precisely, wherever the FFI specification requires an IO type, GHC will
accept any newtype-wrapping of an IO type. For example, these declarations are
foreign import foo :: Int -> MyIO Int
foreign import "dynamic" baz :: (Int -> MyIO Int) -> CInt -> MyIO Int
<sect1 id="sec-ffi-ghc">
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