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Massive patch for the first months work adding System FC to GHC #6

Broken up massive patch -=chak
Original log message:  
This is (sadly) all done in one patch to avoid Darcs bugs.
It's not complete work... more FC stuff to come.  A compiler
using just this patch will fail dismally.
parent feb1bbef
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ import Type ( Type, tyVarsOfType, TvSubstEnv, TvSubst(..), mkTyVarTy )
import VarSet
import VarEnv
import Var ( setVarUnique, isId )
import Id ( idType, setIdType, maybeModifyIdInfo, isLocalId )
import Id ( idType, idInfo, setIdType, maybeModifyIdInfo, isLocalId )
import IdInfo ( IdInfo, SpecInfo(..), specInfo, setSpecInfo, isEmptySpecInfo,
unfoldingInfo, setUnfoldingInfo, seqSpecInfo,
WorkerInfo(..), workerExists, workerInfo, setWorkerInfo
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ import IdInfo ( IdInfo, SpecInfo(..), specInfo, setSpecInfo, isEmptySpecInfo,
import Unique ( Unique )
import UniqSupply ( UniqSupply, uniqFromSupply, uniqsFromSupply )
import Var ( Var, Id, TyVar, isTyVar )
import Maybes ( orElse )
import Maybes ( orElse, isNothing )
import Outputable
import PprCore () -- Instances
import Util ( mapAccumL )
......@@ -124,17 +124,28 @@ extendTvSubstList (Subst in_scope ids tvs) prs = Subst in_scope ids (extendVarEn
lookupIdSubst :: Subst -> Id -> CoreExpr
lookupIdSubst (Subst in_scope ids tvs) v
| not (isLocalId v) = Var v
| otherwise
= case lookupVarEnv ids v of {
Just e -> e ;
Nothing ->
| otherwise = case lookupVarEnv ids v of
Just e -> e
Nothing -> Var v
{- We used to have to look up in the in-scope set,
because GADTs were implicit in the intermediate language
But with FC, the type of an Id does not change in its scope
The worst that can happen if we don't look up in the in-scope set
is that we don't propagate IdInfo as vigorously as we might.
But that'll happen (when it's useful) in SimplEnv.substId
If you put this back in, you should worry about the
Just e -> e
case above too!
case lookupInScope in_scope v of {
-- Watch out! Must get the Id from the in-scope set,
-- because its type there may differ
Just v -> Var v ;
Nothing -> WARN( True, ptext SLIT("CoreSubst.lookupIdSubst") <+> ppr v )
Var v
lookupTvSubst :: Subst -> TyVar -> Type
lookupTvSubst (Subst _ ids tvs) v = lookupVarEnv tvs v `orElse` mkTyVarTy v
......@@ -182,6 +193,7 @@ substExpr subst expr
go (Lit lit) = Lit lit
go (App fun arg) = App (go fun) (go arg)
go (Note note e) = Note (go_note note) (go e)
go (Cast e co) = Cast (go e) (substTy subst co)
go (Lam bndr body) = Lam bndr' (substExpr subst' body)
(subst', bndr') = substBndr subst bndr
......@@ -198,7 +210,6 @@ substExpr subst expr
(subst', bndrs') = substBndrs subst bndrs
go_note (Coerce ty1 ty2) = Coerce (substTy subst ty1) (substTy subst ty2)
go_note note = note
substBind :: Subst -> CoreBind -> (Subst, CoreBind)
......@@ -264,17 +275,24 @@ substIdBndr rec_subst subst@(Subst in_scope env tvs) old_id
= (Subst (in_scope `extendInScopeSet` new_id) new_env tvs, new_id)
id1 = uniqAway in_scope old_id -- id1 is cloned if necessary
id2 = substIdType subst id1 -- id2 has its type zapped
id2 | no_type_change = id1
| otherwise = setIdType id1 (substTy subst old_ty)
old_ty = idType old_id
no_type_change = isEmptyVarEnv tvs || isEmptyVarSet (tyVarsOfType old_ty)
-- new_id has the right IdInfo
-- The lazy-set is because we're in a loop here, with
-- rec_subst, when dealing with a mutually-recursive group
new_id = maybeModifyIdInfo (substIdInfo rec_subst) id2
new_id = maybeModifyIdInfo mb_new_info id2
mb_new_info = substIdInfo rec_subst (idInfo id2)
-- Extend the substitution if the unique has changed
-- See the notes with substTyVarBndr for the delVarEnv
new_env | new_id /= old_id = extendVarEnv env old_id (Var new_id)
| otherwise = delVarEnv env old_id
new_env | no_change = delVarEnv env old_id
| otherwise = extendVarEnv env old_id (Var new_id)
no_change = False -- id1 == old_id && isNothing mb_new_info && no_type_change
Now a variant that unconditionally allocates a new unique.
......@@ -307,7 +325,7 @@ clone_id rec_subst subst@(Subst in_scope env tvs) (old_id, uniq)
id1 = setVarUnique old_id uniq
id2 = substIdType subst id1
new_id = maybeModifyIdInfo (substIdInfo rec_subst) id2
new_id = maybeModifyIdInfo (substIdInfo rec_subst (idInfo old_id)) id2
new_env = extendVarEnv env old_id (Var new_id)
......@@ -200,6 +200,8 @@ sizeExpr bOMB_OUT_SIZE top_args expr
-- then we'll get a dfun which is a pair of two INLINE lambdas
size_up (Note _ body) = size_up body -- Other notes cost nothing
size_up (Cast e _) = size_up e
size_up (App fun (Type t)) = size_up fun
size_up (App fun arg) = size_up_app fun [arg]
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