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Add note about Template Haskell and mutual recursion

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......@@ -4226,6 +4226,14 @@ Tim Sheard is going to expand it.)
(It would make sense to do so, but it's hard to implement.)
Furthermore, the you can only run a function at compile time if it is imported
from another module <emphasis> that is not part of a mutually-recursive group of modules
that includes the module currently being compiled</emphasis>. For example, when compiling module A,
you can only run Template Haskell functions imported from B if B does not import A (directly or indirectly).
The reason should be clear: to run B we must compile and run A, but we are currently type-checking A.
The flag <literal>-ddump-splices</literal> shows the expansion of all top-level splices as they happen.
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