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Stop excluding the dyn way for the dph packages on Windows

Now that we can build the GHC package the dyn way, there's no need
to exclude them.
parent 69a343af
......@@ -565,18 +565,6 @@ $(error Unknown integer library: $(INTEGER_LIBRARY))
# ----------------------------------------
# Workarounds for problems building DLLs on Windows
ifeq "$(TargetOS_CPP)" "mingw32"
# We don't build the GHC package the dyn way on Windows, so
# we can't build these packages the dyn way either. See trac #5987
libraries/dph/dph-lifted-base_dist-install_EXCLUDED_WAYS := dyn
libraries/dph/dph-lifted-boxed_dist-install_EXCLUDED_WAYS := dyn
libraries/dph/dph-lifted-copy_dist-install_EXCLUDED_WAYS := dyn
libraries/dph/dph-lifted-vseg_dist-install_EXCLUDED_WAYS := dyn
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Include build instructions from all subdirs
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