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......@@ -602,12 +602,13 @@ we keep? More subtle than you might think!
See Note [Solving superclass constraints] in TcInstDcls
- Keep the one that has a non-trivial evidence binding.
Note [Tracking redundant constraints] again.
Example: f :: (Eq a, Ord a) => blah
then we may find [G] sc_sel (d1::Ord a) :: Eq a
then we may find [G] d3 :: Eq a
[G] d2 :: Eq a
with bindings d3 = sc_sel (d1::Ord a)
We want to discard d2 in favour of the superclass selection from
the Ord dictionary.
Why? See Note [Tracking redundant constraints] in TcSimplify again.
* Finally, when there is still a choice, use IRKeep rather than
IRReplace, to avoid unnecessary munging of the inert set.
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