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Overhaul boot script

* Call autoreconf only if necessary, avoiding a strict tool dependency.
* Be a good *nix citizen and don't clutter the output when everything is fine.
* Make a few more scripts executable.
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#!/bin/sh #! /bin/sh
set -e set -e
for d in `cat libraries/core-packages` # Check that we have all core packages.
do for dir in `cat libraries/core-packages`; do
if test ! -d libraries/$d if test ! -d libraries/$dir; then
then echo "Looks like you're missing libraries/$dir, maybe you haven't done './darcs-all get'?" >&2
echo "Looks like you're missing libraries/$d," exit 1
echo "maybe you haven't done './darcs-all get'?" fi
exit 1
done done
chmod +x push-all # We don't recurse into the library packages with autoreconf anymore, so we
# have to do this manually. To avoid a strict dependency on autoreconf, we
echo "Booting ." # are careful to call autoreconf only when configure does not exist yet or the
autoreconf # corresponding is newer. This would be dead easy if every shell
# supported the "-nt" option for "test", but this is not the case. The only
for lib in libraries/*; do # portable solution seems to be via find's "-newer" option or to basically give
if test -e $lib/ # up and replace find with perl: :-P
then #
echo "Booting $lib" # perl -e 'print "\n" if -M "" < -M "configure"'
cd $lib for dir in . libraries/*; do
autoreconf if test -f $dir/; then
cd ../.. ( cd $dir ; { test ! -f configure || test -n "`find -newer configure`"; } && autoreconf )
fi fi
done done
# Alas, darcs doesn't handle file permissions, so fix a few of them.
chmod +x boot darcs-all push-all
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