Commit 2d68aa65 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Comments about AnyK

parent f536d896
......@@ -728,16 +728,20 @@ The type constructor Any of kind forall k. k has these properties:
Note [Any kinds]
The type constructor AnyK (of sort BOX) is used internally only to zonk kind
variables with no constraints on them. It appears in similar circumstances to
Any, but at the kind level. For example:
type family Length (l :: [k]) :: Nat
type instance Length [] = Zero
Length is kind-polymorphic, and when applied to the empty (promoted) list it
will have the kind Length AnyK [].
f :: Proxy (Length []) -> Int
f = ....
Length is kind-polymorphic. So what is the elaborated type of f?
f :: Proxy (Length AnyK ([] AnyK)) -> Int
Just like (length []) at the term level, which elaborates to
length (Any *) ([] (Any *))
Note [Strangely-kinded void TyCons]
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