Commit 2d9c6a02 authored by's avatar

-XImpredicativeTypes implies -XRankNTypes, and improve error msg in TcMType

If you are going for impredicative types you almost certainly want RankN
too. The change to TcMType improves the error when you say
     T (forall a. blah)
where T is a type synonym.  This doesn't necessarily need impredicativity,
if you have LiberalTypeSynonyms.
parent 79a6f3fa
......@@ -1792,6 +1792,7 @@ impliedFlags
, (Opt_ScopedTypeVariables, Opt_RelaxedPolyRec) -- Ditto for scoped type variables; see
-- Note [Scoped tyvars] in TcBinds
, (Opt_ImpredicativeTypes, Opt_RankNTypes)
glasgowExtsFlags :: [DynFlag]
......@@ -1066,6 +1066,7 @@ checkValidMonoType ty = check_mono_type MustBeMonoType ty
data Rank = ArbitraryRank -- Any rank ok
| MustBeMonoType -- Monotype regardless of flags
| TyConArgMonoType -- Monotype but could be poly if -XImpredicativeTypes
| SynArgMonoType -- Monotype but could be poly if -XLiberalTypeSynonyms
| Rank Int -- Rank n, but could be more with -XRankNTypes
decRank :: Rank -> Rank -- Function arguments
......@@ -1139,7 +1140,7 @@ check_type rank ubx_tup ty@(TyConApp tc tys)
; liberal <- doptM Opt_LiberalTypeSynonyms
; if not liberal || isOpenSynTyCon tc then
-- For H98 and synonym families, do check the type args
mapM_ (check_mono_type TyConArgMonoType) tys
mapM_ (check_mono_type SynArgMonoType) tys
else -- In the liberal case (only for closed syns), expand then check
case tcView ty of
......@@ -1216,6 +1217,7 @@ forAllTyErr rank ty
suggestion = case rank of
Rank _ -> ptext (sLit "Perhaps you intended to use -XRankNTypes or -XRank2Types")
TyConArgMonoType -> ptext (sLit "Perhaps you intended to use -XImpredicativeTypes")
SynArgMonoType -> ptext (sLit "Perhaps you intended to use -XLiberalTypeSynonyms")
_ -> empty -- Polytype is always illegal
unliftedArgErr, ubxArgTyErr :: Type -> SDoc
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