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Update docs for readMVar/tryReadMVar.

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<para> <para>
<literal>Control.Concurrent.MVar</literal> has two <literal>Control.Concurrent.MVar</literal> has a new
new functions, <literal>atomicReadMVar</literal> and implementation of <literal>readMVar</literal>, which
<literal>tryAtomicReadMVar</literal>, which fixes a long-standing bug where
implement <literal>readMVar</literal> that cannot be <literal>readMVar</literal> is only atomic if there
affected by other threads. (XXXX we may change the implementation are no other threads running
of <literal>readMVar</literal> to use this.) <literal>putMVar</literal>.
<literal>readMVar</literal> now is atomic, and is
guaranteed to return the value from the first
<literal>putMVar</literal>. There is also a new <literal>tryReadMVar</literal>
which is a non-blocking version.
</para> </para>
</listitem> </listitem>
</itemizedlist> </itemizedlist>
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