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Gruesome fix in CorePrep to fix embarassing Trac #4121

This is a long-lurking bug that has been flushed into
the open by other arity-related changes.  There's a
long comment

     Note [CafInfo and floating]

to explain.  

I really hate the contortions we have to do through to keep correct
CafRef information on top-level binders.  The Right Thing, I believe,
is to compute CAF and arity information later, and merge it into the
interface-file information when the latter is generated.

But for now, this hackily fixes the problem.
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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ import CoreArity
import CoreFVs
import CoreMonad ( endPass, CoreToDo(..) )
import CoreSyn
import CoreSubst
import Type
import Coercion
import TyCon
......@@ -38,6 +39,7 @@ import Util
import Outputable
import MonadUtils
import FastString
import Data.List ( mapAccumL )
import Control.Monad
......@@ -195,24 +197,38 @@ And then x will actually end up case-bound
Note [CafInfo and floating]
What happens to the CafInfo on the floated bindings? By default, all
the CafInfos will be set to MayHaveCafRefs, which is safe.
This might be pessimistic, because the floated binding might not refer
to any CAFs and the GC will end up doing more traversal than is
necessary, but it's still better than not floating the bindings at
all, because then the GC would have to traverse the structure in the
heap instead. Given this, we decided not to try to get the CafInfo on
the floated bindings correct, because it looks difficult.
But that means we can't float anything out of a NoCafRefs binding.
Consider f = g (h x)
If f is NoCafRefs, we don't want to convert to
sat = h x
f = g sat
where sat conservatively says HasCafRefs, because now f's info
is wrong. I don't think this is common, so we simply switch off
floating in this case.
What happense when we try to float bindings to the top level. At this
point all the CafInfo is supposed to be correct, and we must make certain
that is true of the new top-level bindings. There are two cases
to consider
a) The top-level binding is marked asCafRefs. In that case we are
basically fine. The floated bindings had better all be lazy lets,
so they can float to top level, but they'll all have HasCafRefs
(the default) which is safe.
b) The top-level binding is marked NoCafRefs. This really happens
Example. CoreTidy produces
$fApplicativeSTM [NoCafRefs] = D:Alternative retry# ...blah...
Now CorePrep has to eta-expand to
$fApplicativeSTM = let sat = \xy. retry x y
in D:Alternative sat ...blah...
So what we *want* is
sat [NoCafRefs] = \xy. retry x y
$fApplicativeSTM [NoCafRefs] = D:Alternative sat ...blah...
So, gruesomely, we must set the NoCafRefs flag on the sat bindings,
*and* substutite the modified 'sat' into the old RHS.
It should be the case that 'sat' is itself [NoCafRefs] (a value, no
cafs) else the original top-level binding would not itself have been
marked [NoCafRefs]. The DEBUG check in CoreToStg for
consistentCafInfo will find this.
This is all very gruesome and horrible. It would be better to figure
out CafInfo later, after CorePrep. We'll do that in due course.
Meanwhile this horrible hack works.
Note [Data constructor workers]
......@@ -290,14 +306,7 @@ cpePair top_lvl is_rec is_strict_or_unlifted env bndr rhs
; let float = mkFloat False False v rhs1
; return (addFloat floats1 float, cpeEtaExpand arity (Var v)) })
; (floats3, rhs')
<- if want_float floats2 rhs2
then return (floats2, rhs2)
else -- Non-empty floats will wrap rhs1
-- But: rhs1 might have lambdas, and we can't
-- put them inside a wrapBinds
do { body2 <- rhsToBodyNF rhs2
; return (emptyFloats, wrapBinds floats2 body2) }
; (floats3, rhs') <- float_from_rhs floats2 rhs2
-- Record if the binder is evaluated
; let bndr' | exprIsHNF rhs' = bndr `setIdUnfolding` evaldUnfolding
......@@ -306,9 +315,39 @@ cpePair top_lvl is_rec is_strict_or_unlifted env bndr rhs
; return (floats3, bndr', rhs') }
arity = idArity bndr -- We must match this arity
want_float floats rhs
| isTopLevel top_lvl = wantFloatTop bndr floats
| otherwise = wantFloatNested is_rec is_strict_or_unlifted floats rhs
float_from_rhs floats2 rhs2
| isEmptyFloats floats2 = return (emptyFloats, rhs2)
| isTopLevel top_lvl = float_top floats2 rhs2
| otherwise = float_nested floats2 rhs2
float_nested floats2 rhs2
| wantFloatNested is_rec is_strict_or_unlifted floats2 rhs2
= return (floats2, rhs2)
| otherwise = dont_float floats2 rhs2
float_top floats2 rhs2 -- Urhgh! See Note [CafInfo and floating]
| mayHaveCafRefs (idCafInfo bndr)
= if allLazyTop floats2
then return (floats2, rhs2)
else dont_float floats2 rhs2
| otherwise
= case canFloatFromNoCaf floats2 rhs2 of
Just (floats2', rhs2') -> return (floats2', rhs2')
Nothing -> pprPanic "cpePair" (ppr bndr $$ ppr rhs2 $$ ppr floats2)
dont_float floats2 rhs2
-- Non-empty floats, but do not want to float from rhs
-- So wrap the rhs in the floats
-- But: rhs1 might have lambdas, and we can't
-- put them inside a wrapBinds
= do { body2 <- rhsToBodyNF rhs2
; return (emptyFloats, wrapBinds floats2 body2) }
{- Note [Silly extra arguments]
......@@ -761,18 +800,37 @@ type RhsDemand = Bool -- True => used strictly; hence not top-level, non-recurs
data FloatingBind
= FloatLet CoreBind -- Rhs of bindings are CpeRhss
| FloatCase Id CpeBody Bool -- The bool indicates "ok-for-speculation"
= FloatLet CoreBind -- Rhs of bindings are CpeRhss
-- They are always of lifted type;
-- unlifted ones are done with FloatCase
| FloatCase
Id CpeBody
Bool -- The bool indicates "ok-for-speculation"
data Floats = Floats OkToSpec (OrdList FloatingBind)
instance Outputable FloatingBind where
ppr (FloatLet b) = ppr b
ppr (FloatCase b r ok) = brackets (ppr ok) <+> ppr b <+> equals <+> ppr r
instance Outputable Floats where
ppr (Floats flag fs) = ptext (sLit "Floats") <> brackets (ppr flag) <+>
braces (vcat (map ppr (fromOL fs)))
instance Outputable OkToSpec where
ppr OkToSpec = ptext (sLit "OkToSpec")
ppr IfUnboxedOk = ptext (sLit "IfUnboxedOk")
ppr NotOkToSpec = ptext (sLit "NotOkToSpec")
-- Can we float these binds out of the rhs of a let? We cache this decision
-- to avoid having to recompute it in a non-linear way when there are
-- deeply nested lets.
data OkToSpec
= NotOkToSpec -- definitely not
| OkToSpec -- yes
| IfUnboxedOk -- only if floating an unboxed binding is ok
= OkToSpec -- Lazy bindings of lifted type
| IfUnboxedOk -- A mixture of lazy lifted bindings and n
-- ok-to-speculate unlifted bindings
| NotOkToSpec -- Some not-ok-to-speculate unlifted bindings
mkFloat :: Bool -> Bool -> Id -> CpeRhs -> FloatingBind
mkFloat is_strict is_unlifted bndr rhs
......@@ -827,10 +885,6 @@ combine IfUnboxedOk _ = IfUnboxedOk
combine _ IfUnboxedOk = IfUnboxedOk
combine _ _ = OkToSpec
instance Outputable FloatingBind where
ppr (FloatLet bind) = text "FloatLet" <+> ppr bind
ppr (FloatCase b rhs spec) = text "FloatCase" <+> ppr b <+> ppr spec <+> equals <+> ppr rhs
deFloatTop :: Floats -> [CoreBind]
-- For top level only; we don't expect any FloatCases
deFloatTop (Floats _ floats)
......@@ -840,11 +894,37 @@ deFloatTop (Floats _ floats)
get b _ = pprPanic "corePrepPgm" (ppr b)
wantFloatTop :: Id -> Floats -> Bool
canFloatFromNoCaf :: Floats -> CpeRhs -> Maybe (Floats, CpeRhs)
-- Note [CafInfo and floating]
wantFloatTop bndr floats = isEmptyFloats floats
|| (mayHaveCafRefs (idCafInfo bndr)
&& allLazyTop floats)
canFloatFromNoCaf (Floats ok_to_spec fs) rhs
| OkToSpec <- ok_to_spec
= Just (Floats OkToSpec (toOL fs'), subst_expr subst rhs)
| otherwise
= Nothing
(subst, fs') = mapAccumL set_nocaf emptySubst (fromOL fs)
subst_expr = substExpr (text "CorePrep")
set_nocaf _ (FloatCase {})
= panic "canFloatFromNoCaf"
set_nocaf subst (FloatLet (NonRec b r))
= (subst', FloatLet (NonRec b' (subst_expr subst r)))
(subst', b') = set_nocaf_bndr subst b
set_nocaf subst (FloatLet (Rec prs))
= (subst', FloatLet (Rec (bs' `zip` rs')))
(bs,rs) = unzip prs
(subst', bs') = mapAccumL set_nocaf_bndr subst bs
rs' = map (subst_expr subst') rs
set_nocaf_bndr subst bndr
= (extendIdSubst subst bndr (Var bndr'), bndr')
bndr' = bndr `setIdCafInfo` NoCafRefs
wantFloatNested :: RecFlag -> Bool -> Floats -> CpeRhs -> Bool
wantFloatNested is_rec strict_or_unlifted floats rhs
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