Commit 3233af1b authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Add the msysCORE*.tar.gz tarball to the list of tarballs we unpack

parent 142df90a
......@@ -391,6 +391,7 @@ then
test inplace/mingw -ot ghc-tarballs/mingw/gcc-core*.tar.gz ||
test inplace/mingw -ot ghc-tarballs/mingw/libcrypt*.tar.bz2 ||
test inplace/mingw -ot ghc-tarballs/mingw/mingw-runtime*.tar.gz ||
test inplace/mingw -ot ghc-tarballs/mingw/msysCORE*.tar.gz ||
test inplace/mingw -ot ghc-tarballs/mingw/perl*.tar.bz2 ||
test inplace/mingw -ot ghc-tarballs/mingw/w32api*.tar.gz
......@@ -404,6 +405,7 @@ then
tar -zxf ../../ghc-tarballs/mingw/gcc-core*.tar.gz &&
tar -jxf ../../ghc-tarballs/mingw/libcrypt*.tar.bz2 &&
tar -zxf ../../ghc-tarballs/mingw/mingw-runtime*.tar.gz &&
tar -zxf ../../ghc-tarballs/mingw/msysCORE*.tar.gz &&
tar -jxf ../../ghc-tarballs/mingw/perl*.tar.bz2 &&
tar -zxf ../../ghc-tarballs/mingw/w32api*.tar.gz &&
mv bin/gcc.exe bin/realgcc.exe
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