Commit 3322851b authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Remove a flag that a comment claims is for GHC < 5

parent 13dffdda
......@@ -583,11 +583,6 @@ endif
# Disaster! Then the hc file sees the GHC 5.02 (or whatever)
# include files. For the moment we've reverted to using
# an explicit path in the .hs sources
# For the benefit of <5.00 compilers, do include GHC_INCLUDE_DIR
# when generating dependencies. (=> it gets passed onto mkdependHS,
# which needs it).
# We need System.Posix (or Posix when ghc < 6.2)
ifeq "$(TARGETPLATFORM)" "i386-unknown-mingw32"
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