Commit 34bb8868 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

threadStackUnderflow: fix recently introduced bug (conc068(threaded1) failure)

bug introduced by "threadStackUnderflow: put the new TSO on the mut
list if necessary"
parent c23016cf
......@@ -2342,7 +2342,7 @@ threadStackUnderflow (Capability *cap, Task *task, StgTSO *tso)
// list. The new TSO is not yet on the mutable list, so we better
// put it there.
new_tso->dirty = 0;
new_tso->flags &= !TSO_LINK_DIRTY;
new_tso->flags &= ~TSO_LINK_DIRTY;
dirty_TSO(cap, new_tso);
debugTrace(DEBUG_sched, "thread %ld: reducing TSO size from %lu words to %lu",
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