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Build system wibbles for new dph-lifted-vseg library

The old dph-par and dph-seq CPP libraries are gone. The DPH front end libraries are now dph-lifted-*, and are only built in one way.
parent 58803d72
......@@ -313,9 +313,11 @@ endif
# Packages that are built but not installed
PKGS_THAT_ARE_INTREE_ONLY := haskeline mtl terminfo utf8-string xhtml
PKGS_THAT_ARE_DPH := dph/dph-base dph/dph-prim-interface dph/dph-prim-seq \
dph/dph-common dph/dph-prim-par dph/dph-par dph/dph-seq \
vector primitive random
dph/dph-base \
dph/dph-prim-interface dph/dph-prim-seq dph/dph-prim-par \
dph/dph-lifted-boxed dph/dph-lifted-copy dph/dph-lifted-vseg \
vector primitive random
# Packages that, if present, must be built by the stage2 compiler,
# because they use TH and/or annotations, or depend on other stage2
......@@ -539,8 +541,6 @@ endif
# these cases, so we just skip checking them.
# NB. these must come before we include the files below, because
# they disable the relevant rules.
CHECKED_libraries/dph/dph-seq = YES
CHECKED_libraries/dph/dph-par = YES
# In compiler's case, include-dirs points outside of the source tree
CHECKED_compiler = YES
......@@ -99,8 +99,7 @@ libraries/dph/dph-base_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/dph/dph-prim-interface_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/dph/dph-prim-seq_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/dph/dph-prim-par_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/dph/dph-seq_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/dph/dph-par_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/dph/dph-lifted-common-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
# We need to turn of deprecated warnings for SafeHaskell transition
libraries/array_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -fno-warn-warnings-deprecations
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