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External Core: don't print superfluous parens in case types

The External Core printer was parenthesizing the scrutinee type in case expressions. Since this type is required to be atomic, the parens aren't necessary.
parent 30c122df
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ pappexp e as = fsep (paexp e : map pa as)
pexp (Lam b e) = char '\\' <+> plamexp [b] e
pexp (Let vd e) = (text "%let" <+> pvdefg vd) $$ (text "%in" <+> pexp e)
pexp (Case e vb ty alts) = sep [text "%case" <+> parens (paty ty) <+> paexp e,
pexp (Case e vb ty alts) = sep [text "%case" <+> paty ty <+> paexp e,
text "%of" <+> pvbind vb]
$$ (indent (braces (vcat (punctuate (char ';') (map palt alts)))))
pexp (Cast e co) = (text "%cast" <+> parens (pexp e)) $$ paty co
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