Commit 355d57a5 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Remove trace that sometimes causes a loop

parent 262cab0f
......@@ -1027,8 +1027,6 @@ tcConDecl new_or_data rep_tycon tmpl_tvs res_tmpl -- Data types
ResTyH98 -> quantifyTyVars (mkVarSet tmpl_tvs) (tyVarsOfTypes (ctxt++arg_tys))
ResTyGADT res_ty -> quantifyTyVars emptyVarSet (tyVarsOfTypes (res_ty:ctxt++arg_tys))
; traceTc "tcConDecl" (ppr name $$ ppr arg_tys $$ ppr tkvs)
-- Zonk to Types
; (ze, qtkvs) <- zonkTyBndrsX emptyZonkEnv tkvs
; arg_tys <- zonkTcTypeToTypes ze arg_tys
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