Commit 3642d212 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2001-11-23 11:59:21 by simonmar]

Collect up _scc_ expressions on the right hand side of a closure
definition and attach them directly to the closure using PushCC-type
cost centres, so that the allocation of the closure gets attributed to
the right place.
parent 79abe0ac
......@@ -246,22 +246,17 @@ stgMassageForProfiling mod_name us stg_binds
returnMM (StgRhsCon cc con args)
do_rhs (StgRhsClosure _ bi fv u args (StgSCC ty cc expr))
| not (isSccCountCostCentre cc)
= collectCC cc `thenMM_`
set_prevailing_cc cc (do_expr expr) `thenMM` \ expr' ->
returnMM (StgRhsClosure cc bi fv u args expr')
do_rhs (StgRhsClosure cc bi fv u [] body)
= do_expr body `thenMM` \ body' ->
returnMM (StgRhsClosure currentCCS bi fv u [] body')
do_rhs (StgRhsClosure cc bi fv u args body)
= set_lambda_cc (do_expr body) `thenMM` \ body' ->
get_prevailing_cc `thenMM` \ prev_ccs ->
returnMM (StgRhsClosure currentCCS bi fv u args body')
do_rhs (StgRhsClosure _ bi fv u args expr)
= slurpSCCs currentCCS expr `thenMM` \ (expr', ccs) ->
do_expr expr' `thenMM` \ expr'' ->
returnMM (StgRhsClosure ccs bi fv u args expr'')
slurpSCCs ccs (StgSCC cc e)
= collectCC cc `thenMM_`
slurpSCCs ccs e `thenMM` \ (e', ccs') ->
returnMM (e', pushCCOnCCS cc ccs')
slurpSCCs ccs e
= returnMM (e, ccs)
do_rhs (StgRhsCon cc con args)
= returnMM (StgRhsCon currentCCS con args)
......@@ -337,7 +332,7 @@ type MassageM result
= Module -- module name
-> CostCentreStack -- prevailing CostCentre
-- if none, subsumedCosts at top-level
-- useCurrentCostCentre at nested levels
-- currentCostCentre at nested levels
-> UniqSupply
-> VarSet -- toplevel-ish Ids for boxing
-> CollectedCCs
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