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Wibble to allow phantom types in Enum

parent 1a9245ca
......@@ -1684,13 +1684,13 @@ genAuxBind loc (GenCon2Tag tycon)
nlHsLit (HsIntPrim (toInteger ((dataConTag con) - fIRST_TAG))))
genAuxBind loc (GenTag2Con tycon)
= ASSERT( null (tyConTyVars tycon) )
(mk_FunBind loc rdr_name
= (mk_FunBind loc rdr_name
[([nlConVarPat intDataCon_RDR [a_RDR]],
nlHsApp (nlHsVar tagToEnum_RDR) a_Expr)],
L loc (TypeSig (L loc rdr_name) (L loc sig_ty)))
sig_ty = HsCoreTy $ intTy `mkFunTy` mkParentType tycon
sig_ty = HsCoreTy $ mkForAllTys (tyConTyVars tycon) $
intTy `mkFunTy` mkParentType tycon
rdr_name = tag2con_RDR tycon
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