Commit 36be1ab2 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2002-10-29 14:31:00 by simonpj]

A new test from Ross
parent 29a2ea11
module Mod133_A( Type(..) ) where
data Type a = Constr { field :: a }
......@@ -151,3 +151,4 @@ test('mod129', normal, compile, [''])
test('mod130', normal, compile_fail, [''])
test('mod131', normal, multimod_compile_fail, ['mod131', '-v0'])
test('mod132', normal, multimod_compile_fail, ['mod132', '-v0'])
test('mod133', normal, multimod_compile, ['mod133', '-v0'])
-- Record field selectors imported alone
module M where
import Mod133_A( field )
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