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......@@ -21,27 +21,32 @@ There are two ways to get a source tree:
1. Download source tarballs
The GHC source distribution comes in two parts:
Download the GHC source distribution:
You only need the first one, which contains GHC itself and
the "boot" libraries.
which contains GHC itself and the "boot" libraries.
The extralibs package contains a bunch of optional libraries. If
you want, you can unpack this over the top of your source tree, and
these extra libraries will be built and installed automatically.
Make sure you unpack the extralibs package before running configure
(see below).
2. Check out the source code from darcs
If you don't build extralibs now, you can add them later by building
and installing individual packages using Cabal.
The recommended way to get a darcs checkout is to start off by
downloading a snapshot with a name like:
2. Get the source from darcs
First get the GHC darcs repository:
and then untar it and bring it up-to-date with:
$ cd ghc
$ ./darcs-all get
Alternatively you can use darcs to get the repos, but it will take a
lot longer. First get the GHC darcs repository:
$ darcs get
......@@ -52,13 +57,7 @@ There are two ways to get a source tree:
$ chmod +x darcs-all
$ ./darcs-all get
This grabs the "boot" packages by default. To get the full set of
packages, instead say
$ ./darcs-all --extra get
This also downloads the libraries that are normally bundled in the
"extralibs" package (see above).
This checks out the "boot" packages.
Building & Installing
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