Commit 39549826 authored by Sebastian Graf's avatar Sebastian Graf Committed by Marge Bot
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Pmc: Don't call exprType on type arguments (#18767)

Fixes #18767.
parent 7c98699f
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ import GHC.Builtin.Names
import GHC.Builtin.Types
import GHC.Builtin.Types.Prim
import GHC.Tc.Solver.Monad (InertSet, emptyInert)
import GHC.Tc.Utils.TcType (isStringTy)
import GHC.Driver.Types (ConLikeSet)
import Numeric (fromRat)
......@@ -562,7 +563,7 @@ coreExprAsPmLit e = case collectArgs e of
(Var x, args)
| is_rebound_name x fromStringName
-- See Note [Detecting overloaded literals with -XRebindableSyntax]
, s:_ <- filter (eqType stringTy . exprType) args
, s:_ <- filter (isStringTy . exprType) $ filter isValArg args
-- NB: Calls coreExprAsPmLit and then overloadPmLit, so that we return PmLitOverStrings
-> coreExprAsPmLit s >>= overloadPmLit (exprType e)
-- These last two cases handle proper String literals
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