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you should be all right.</para> you should be all right.</para>
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<sect2 id="postfix-operators">
<title>Postfix operators</title>
GHC allows a small extension to the syntax of left operator sections, which
allows you to define postfix operators. The extension is this: the left section
(e !)
is equivalent (from the point of view of both type checking and execution) to the expression
((!) e)
(for any expression <literal>e</literal> and operator <literal>(!)</literal>.
The strict Haskell 98 interpretation is that the section is equivalent to
(\y -> (!) e y)
That is, the operator must be a function of two arguments. GHC allows it to
take only one argument, and that in turn allows you to write the function
<para>Since this extension goes beyond Haskell 98, it should really be enabled
by a flag; but in fact it is enabled all the time. (No Haskell 98 programs
change their behaviour, of course.)
<para>The extension does not extend to the left-hand side of function
definitions; you must define such a function in prefix form.</para>
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