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Clarify topological sorting of spec vars in manual

This is mentioned in #11376.
parent 6c07f142
......@@ -2237,6 +2237,15 @@ Here are the details:
will have its type variables
ordered as ``m, a, b, c``.
- If any of the variables depend on other variables (that is, if some
of the variables are *kind* variables), the variables are reordered
so that kind variables come before type variables, preserving the
left-to-right order as much as possible. That is, GHC performs a
stable topological sort on the variables.
For example: if we have ``bar :: Proxy (a :: (j, k)) -> b``, then
the variables are ordered ``j``, ``k``, ``a``, ``b``.
- Class methods' type arguments include the class type
variables, followed by any variables an individual method is polymorphic
in. So, ``class Monad m where return :: a -> m a`` means
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