Commit 3b2b4836 authored by benl's avatar benl
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Slurp author spellings file from base and add more authors

parent c80364f8
Simon Marlow <>, simonmar,, simonm
Ross Paterson <>, ross
Sven Panne <>, panne
Malcolm Wallace <>, malcolm
Simon Peyton Jones <>, simonpj
Don Stewart <>, dons
Tim Harris <>, tharris
Lennart Augustsson <>,
Duncan Coutts <>,,
Ben Lippmeier <>,,,
Manuel M T Chakravarty <>, chak
Jose Pedro Magalhaes <>,
Sigbjorn Finne <>, sof
Wolfgang Thaller <>, wolfgang
Julian Seward <>, sewardj
Ian Lynagh <>, igloo
Roman Leshchinskiy <>,
John Dias <>,,
Norman Ramsey <>,
Andy Gill <>, andy
Will Partain <>, partain
Don Syme <>, dsyme
Pepe Iborra <>, pepe
Neil Mitchell <>, Neil Mitchell
Gabriele Keller <>, keller
Daan Leijen <>, daan
Audrey Tang <>,
Hans-Wolfgang Loidl <>, hwloidl
Bernie Pope <>,
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