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Remove references to -fticky-ticky flag

-ticky is the command-line flag for ticky-ticky profiling now, but
internally, the -fticky-ticky flag was used to represent whether ticky
was on. This led to link errors if the user supplied -fticky-ticky but
not -ticky (ticky code would be generated but the wrong RTS library
would be passed to the linker). I removed references to -fticky-ticky
-- now, only the way flags dictate whether ticky is on, and
-fticky-ticky is no longer accepted as a command-line option.
parent 0eef3f31
......@@ -278,8 +278,7 @@ opt_AutoSccsOnAllToplevs = lookUp FSLIT("-fauto-sccs-on-all-toplevs")
opt_AutoSccsOnExportedToplevs = lookUp FSLIT("-fauto-sccs-on-exported-toplevs")
opt_AutoSccsOnIndividualCafs = lookUp FSLIT("-fauto-sccs-on-individual-cafs")
opt_SccProfilingOn = lookUp FSLIT("-fscc-profiling")
opt_DoTickyProfiling = lookUp FSLIT("-fticky-ticky")
opt_DoTickyProfiling = WayTicky `elem` (unsafePerformIO $ readIORef v_Ways)
-- Hpc opts
......@@ -354,7 +353,6 @@ isStaticFlag f =
......@@ -548,8 +546,7 @@ way_details =
, "-optc-DPROFILING" ]),
(WayTicky, Way "t" True "Ticky-ticky Profiling"
[ "-fticky-ticky"
, "-optc-DTICKY_TICKY" ]),
(WayUnreg, Way "u" False "Unregisterised"
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