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Fix Trac #3176: intercept naughty record selectors

When making record selectors into ordinary functions (rather than
magial implicit Ids) I forgot that they could therefore show up in 
the *local* TcEnv, not the global one.  This fixes that problem,
and thereby Trac #3176.
parent 72edf508
......@@ -1069,6 +1069,9 @@ lookupFun orig id_name
-- nor does it need the 'lifting' treatment
ATcId { tct_id = id, tct_type = ty, tct_co = mb_co, tct_level = lvl }
| isNaughtyRecordSelector id -> failWithTc (naughtyRecordSel id)
-- Note [Local record selectors]
| otherwise
-> do { thLocalId orig id ty lvl
; case mb_co of
Unrefineable -> return (HsVar id, ty)
......@@ -1147,6 +1150,12 @@ thBrackId orig id ps_var lie_var
#endif /* GHCI */
Local record selectors
Record selectors for TyCons in this module are ordinary local bindings,
which show up as ATcIds rather than AGlobals. So we need to check for
naughtiness in both branches. c.f. TcTyClsBindings.mkAuxBinds.
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