Commit 3d9644c2 authored by jkarni's avatar jkarni Committed by Edward Z. Yang
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Remove space after ASSERT.

  Which on OS X leaves macro unexpanded.
parent 3d80787f
......@@ -1357,7 +1357,7 @@ pushCoercionIntoLambda
pushCoercionIntoLambda in_scope x e co
-- This implements the Push rule from the paper on coercions
-- Compare with simplCast in Simplify
| ASSERT (not (isTyVar x) && not (isCoVar x)) True
| ASSERT(not (isTyVar x) && not (isCoVar x)) True
, Pair s1s2 t1t2 <- coercionKind co
, Just (_s1,_s2) <- splitFunTy_maybe s1s2
, Just (t1,_t2) <- splitFunTy_maybe t1t2
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