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Spelling in comments

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......@@ -647,7 +647,7 @@ tcIfaceRule (IfaceRule {ifRuleName = name, ifActivation = act, ifRuleBndrs = bnd
-- We could have stored the ru_rough field in the iface file
-- but that would be redundant, I think.
-- The only wrinkle is that we must not be deceived by
-- type syononyms at the top of a type arg. Since
-- type synonyms at the top of a type arg. Since
-- we can't tell at this point, we are careful not
-- to write them out in coreRuleToIfaceRule
ifTopFreeName :: IfaceExpr -> Maybe Name
......@@ -951,7 +951,7 @@ normaliseType :: FamInstEnvs -- environment with family instances
-- Normalise the input type, by eliminating *all* type-function redexes
-- but *not* newtypes (which are visible to the programmer)
-- Returns with Refl if nothing happens
-- Try to not to disturb type syonyms if possible
-- Try to not to disturb type synonyms if possible
normaliseType env role (TyConApp tc tys)
= normaliseTcApp env role tc tys
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