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Fix Trac #2518: add hs-boot files as an infelicty

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......@@ -105,7 +105,21 @@ main = do args <- getArgs
<sect3 id="infelicities-Modules">
<title>Module system and interface files</title>
<para>None known.</para>
<para>GHC requires the use of <literal>hs-boot</literal>
files to cut the recursive loops among mutually recursive modules
as described in <xref linkend="mutual-recursion"/>. This more of an infelicity
than a bug: the Haskell Report says
(<ulink url="">Section 5.7</ulink>) "Depending on the Haskell
implementation used, separate compilation of mutually
recursive modules may require that imported modules contain
additional information so that they may be referenced before
they are compiled. Explicit type signatures for all exported
values may be necessary to deal with mutual recursion. The
precise details of separate compilation are not defined by
this Report."
<sect3 id="infelicities-numbers">
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