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docs: Unbreak the PS/PDF builds for the User's Guide (#10509)

dblatex can only translate the Unicode glyphs introduced in #10509 for LaTeX
if the `latex.unicode.use=1` flag is set, otherwise it will just fail.
However, note that adding this flag is not going to fully solve the problem as
those symbols are not known by LaTeX, so the corresponding character codes
will be added instead to the resulting PS/PDF files.  Hence it is considered
an interim solution only, not a true fix, until a better one is found.
parent e283cecf
......@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@ BUILD_DOCBOOK_PS = @BUILD_DOCBOOK_PS@
DBLATEX = @DblatexCmd@
# is needed with dblatex 0.3.4 (#7486)
DBLATEX_OPTS = -P '' -P 'latex.unicode.use=1'
XSLTPROC = @XsltprocCmd@
XMLLINT = @XmllintCmd@
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