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Add "ticks-exhausted" comment

This code deliberately builds a subtle negative-occurrence-of-data-type
example, described in the paper, so with -O it'll give "simplifier
ticks exhausted".

This patch just adds a comment to explain.
parent cf788a53
{- This is the code extracted from "A reflection on types", by Simon PJ,
Stephanie Weirich, Richard Eisenberg, and Dimitrios Vytiniotis, 2016. -}
-- NB: it includes a negative-recursive function (see delta1), and
-- so will give "simplifer ticks exhausted", at least with -O
{-# LANGUAGE RankNTypes, PolyKinds, TypeOperators,
ScopedTypeVariables, GADTs, FlexibleInstances,
UndecidableInstances, RebindableSyntax,
......@@ -239,6 +242,10 @@ tcMaybe = TyCon { tc_module = Module { mod_pkg = "base"
rt = undefined
delta1 :: Dynamic -> Dynamic
-- NB: this function behaves like a negative-recursive data type
-- and hence leads compiler into an infinite inlining loop,
-- and we get "simplifier ticks exhausted".
-- See Section 7 of the paper "A reflection on types"
delta1 dn = case fromDynamic dn of
Just f -> f dn
Nothing -> dn
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