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Update release notes for new comparison primops

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......@@ -154,14 +154,11 @@
PrimOps for comparing unboxed values now return
<literal>Int#</literal> instead of <literal>Bool</literal>.
New PrimOps' names end with <literal>$#</literal> for operators and
<literal>I#</literal> for ordinary names, e.g. <literal>==$#</literal>
compares <literal>Int#</literal>s for equality and
<literal>eqCharI#</literal> does the same for <literal>Char#</literal>s.
Old PrimOps have been removed and turned into wrappers. See
This change is backwards incompatible. See
<ulink url="">
this GHC wiki page</ulink> for instructions how to update your
existing code.
existing code. See <ulink url="">
here</ulink> for motivation and discussion of implementation details.
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