Commit 4a0d5a0d authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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follow removal of Distribtion.Compat.FilePath

parent 34fdf05f
{-# OPTIONS -cpp #-}
#include "Cabal/Distribution/Compat/FilePath.hs"
-- dummy comment
......@@ -70,7 +70,6 @@ endif
# Some explicit dependencies, needed because ghc -M can't discover the
# true dependencies of these stub files.
System/Directory/Internals.$(way_)o : $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/libraries/base/System/Directory/Internals.hs
Distribution/Compat/FilePath.$(way_) : $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/libraries/Cabal/Distribution/Compat/FilePath.hs
Distribution/Compat/ReadP.$(way_) : $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/libraries/Cabal/Distribution/Compat/ReadP.hs
Distribution/GetOpt.$(way_)o : $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/libraries/Cabal/Distribution/GetOpt.hs
Distribution/InstalledPackageInfo.$(way_)o : $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/libraries/Cabal/Distribution/InstalledPackageInfo.hs
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