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Release notes for #11975 and #10963

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......@@ -21,3 +21,22 @@ Language
- :ghc-flag:`-XStaticPointers` now allows the body of the ``static`` form to
refer to closed local bindings. For instance, this is now permitted:
``f = static x where x = 'a'``.
TODO FIXME Heading title
- GHCi now supports two new commands. :ghci-cmd:`:type` ``+d`` performs
defaulting on the type before reporting it to the user, and
:ghci-cmd:`:type` ``+v`` refrains from instantiating any variables before
reporting, which is useful in concert with :ghc-flag:`-XTypeApplications`.
.. code-block:: none
*X> :type +d length
length :: [a] -> Int
*X> :set -fprint-explicit-foralls
*X> :type length
length :: forall {a} {t :: * -> *}. Foldable t => t a -> Int
*X> :type +v length
length :: forall (t :: * -> *). Foldable t => forall a. t a -> Int
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