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We need to setModLocation in the HscOut phase, not the Hsc phase

The output location needs to be different for the vanilla and dynamic
ways when doing -dynamic-too. Fixes dynamicToo003.
parent ff2b7ad2
......@@ -960,8 +960,6 @@ runPhase (RealPhase (Hsc src_flavour)) input_fn dflags0
let o_file = ml_obj_file location -- The real object file
setModLocation location
-- Figure out if the source has changed, for recompilation avoidance.
-- Setting source_unchanged to True means that M.o seems
......@@ -1016,6 +1014,8 @@ runPhase (RealPhase (Hsc src_flavour)) input_fn dflags0
runPhase (HscOut src_flavour mod_name result) _ dflags = do
location <- getLocation src_flavour mod_name
setModLocation location
let o_file = ml_obj_file location -- The real object file
hsc_lang = hscTarget dflags
next_phase = hscPostBackendPhase dflags src_flavour hsc_lang
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