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......@@ -52,12 +52,12 @@ import Type
import TysPrim ( alphaTyVar )
import DataCon ( DataCon, dataConWorkId )
import Outputable
import FastString
import UniqSupply
import Unique ( mkBuiltinUnique )
import BasicTypes
import Util ( notNull, zipEqual )
import Panic
import Constants
import Data.Char ( ord )
......@@ -93,20 +93,23 @@ mkCoreApp :: CoreExpr -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr
-- Check the invariant that the arg of an App is ok-for-speculation if unlifted
-- See CoreSyn Note [CoreSyn let/app invariant]
mkCoreApp fun (Type ty) = App fun (Type ty)
mkCoreApp fun arg = mk_val_app fun arg arg_ty res_ty
mkCoreApp fun arg = ASSERT2( isFunTy fun_ty, ppr fun $$ ppr arg )
mk_val_app fun arg arg_ty res_ty
(arg_ty, res_ty) = splitFunTy (exprType fun)
fun_ty = exprType fun
(arg_ty, res_ty) = splitFunTy fun_ty
-- | Construct an expression which represents the application of a number of
-- expressions to another. The leftmost expression in the list is applied first
mkCoreApps :: CoreExpr -> [CoreExpr] -> CoreExpr
-- Slightly more efficient version of (foldl mkCoreApp)
mkCoreApps fun args
= go fun (exprType fun) args
mkCoreApps orig_fun orig_args
= go orig_fun (exprType orig_fun) orig_args
go fun _ [] = fun
go fun fun_ty (Type ty : args) = go (App fun (Type ty)) (applyTy fun_ty ty) args
go fun fun_ty (arg : args) = go (mk_val_app fun arg arg_ty res_ty) res_ty args
go fun fun_ty (arg : args) = ASSERT2( isFunTy fun_ty, ppr fun_ty $$ ppr orig_fun $$ ppr orig_args )
go (mk_val_app fun arg arg_ty res_ty) res_ty args
(arg_ty, res_ty) = splitFunTy fun_ty
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