Commit 4d8859cc authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Typos in comments

parent b38ee89c
......@@ -1214,7 +1214,7 @@ splitDmdTy ty@(DmdType _ [] res_ty) = (resTypeArgDmd res_ty, ty)
-- what of this demand should we consider, given that the IO action can cleanly
-- exit?
-- * We have to kill all strictness demands (i.e. lub with a lazy demand)
-- * We can keep demand information (i.e. lub with an absent deman)
-- * We can keep demand information (i.e. lub with an absent demand)
-- * We have to kill definite divergence
-- * We can keep CPR information.
-- See Note [IO hack in the demand analyser]
......@@ -342,7 +342,7 @@ dmdAnalAlt env dmd case_bndr (con,bndrs,rhs)
There's a hack here for I/O operations. Consider
case foo x s of { (# s, r #) -> y }
Is this strict in 'y'. Normally yes, but what if 'foo' is an I/O
Is this strict in 'y'? Normally yes, but what if 'foo' is an I/O
operation that simply terminates the program (not in an erroneous way)?
In that case we should not evaluate 'y' before the call to 'foo'.
Hackish solution: spot the IO-like situation and add a virtual branch,
......@@ -365,14 +365,14 @@ However, consider
Here it is terribly sad to make 'f' lazy in 's'. After all,
getMaskingState# is not going to diverge or throw an exception! This
situation actually arises in GHC.IO.Handle.Internals.wantReadableHandle
(on an MVar not an Int), and make a material difference.
(on an MVar not an Int), and made a material difference.
So if the scrutinee is a primop call, we *don't* apply the
state hack:
- If is a simple, terminating one like getMaskingState,
applying the hack is over-conservative.
- If the primop is raise# then it returns bottom, so
the case alternatives are alraedy discarded.
the case alternatives are already discarded.
- If the primop can raise a non-IO exception, like
divide by zero or seg-fault (eg writing an array
out of bounds) then we don't mind evaluating 'x' first.
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