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users-guide: Update language extension implications

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......@@ -2187,7 +2187,8 @@ Visible type application
.. ghc-flag:: -XTypeApplications
:since: 8.0
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XAllowAmbiguousTypes`
:since: 8.0.1
Allow the use of type application syntax.
......@@ -2421,6 +2422,8 @@ Type operators
.. ghc-flag:: -XTypeOperators
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XExplicitNamespaces`
Allow the use and definition of types with operator names.
In types, an operator symbol like ``(+)`` is normally treated as a type
......@@ -2470,6 +2473,8 @@ Liberalised type synonyms
.. ghc-flag:: -XLiberalTypeSynonyms
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XExplicitForAll`
Relax many of the Haskell 98 rules on type synonym definitions.
Type synonyms are like macros at the type level, but Haskell 98 imposes
......@@ -2546,6 +2551,8 @@ Existentially quantified data constructors
.. ghc-flag:: -XExistentialQuantification
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XExplicitForAll`
Allow existentially quantified type variables in types.
The idea of using existential quantification in data type declarations
......@@ -3050,7 +3057,7 @@ Generalised Algebraic Data Types (GADTs)
.. ghc-flag:: -XGADTs
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XMonoLocalBinds`
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XMonoLocalBinds`, :ghc-flag:`-XGADTSyntax`
Allow use of Generalised Algebraic Data Types (GADTs).
......@@ -3272,6 +3279,8 @@ Duplicate record fields
.. ghc-flag:: -XDuplicateRecordFields
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XDisambiguateRecordFields`
Allow definition of record types with identically-named fields.
Going beyond :ghc-flag:`-XDisambiguateRecordFields` (see :ref:`disambiguate-fields`),
......@@ -3691,8 +3700,6 @@ Deriving instances of extra classes (``Data``, etc.)
.. ghc-flag:: -XDeriveFoldable
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XDeriveFunctor`
Allow automatic deriving of instances for the ``Foldable`` typeclass.
.. ghc-flag:: -XDeriveTraversable
......@@ -4456,6 +4463,8 @@ Multi-parameter type classes
.. ghc-flag:: -XMultiParamTypeClasses
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XConstrainedClassMethods`
Allow the definition of typeclasses with more than one parameter.
Multi-parameter type classes are permitted, with flag
......@@ -4619,6 +4628,8 @@ Functional dependencies
.. ghc-flag:: -XFunctionalDependencies
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XMultiParamTypeClasses`
Allow use of functional dependencies in class declarations.
Functional dependencies are implemented as described by [Jones2000]_.Mark Jones in
......@@ -5882,7 +5893,8 @@ Type families
.. ghc-flag:: -XTypeFamilies
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XMonoLocalBinds`
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XMonoLocalBinds`, :ghc-flag:`-XKindSignatures`,
Allow use and definition of indexed type and data families.
......@@ -6743,6 +6755,8 @@ Injective type families
.. ghc-flag:: -XTypeFamilyDependencies
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XTypeFamilies`
Allow functional dependency annotations on type families. This allows one to
define injective type families.
......@@ -8398,6 +8412,8 @@ Impredicative polymorphism
.. ghc-flag:: -XImpredicativeTypes
:implies: :ghc-flag:`RankNTypes`
Allow impredicative polymorphic types.
In general, GHC will only instantiate a polymorphic function at a
......@@ -8450,6 +8466,7 @@ Lexically scoped type variables
.. ghc-flag:: -XScopedTypeVariables
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XRelaxedPolyRec`
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XExplicitForAll`
Enable lexical scoping of type variables explicitly introduced with
......@@ -9421,6 +9438,8 @@ Syntax
.. ghc-flag:: -XTemplateHaskell
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XTemplateHaskellQuotes`
Enable Template Haskell's splice and quotation syntax.
.. ghc-flag:: -XTemplateHaskellQuotes
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