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[project @ 2002-11-06 12:51:14 by simonpj]

Update expected output
parent 7d70cce8
The export items `' and `module ShouldFail' create conflicting exports for `map'
Conflicting exports for `map':
`' exports `' imported from Prelude at rnfail029.hs:2
`module ShouldFail' exports `' defined at rnfail029.hs:4
-- This one should fail, because M.f is ambiguous
-- This one should fail, because it exports
-- both List:nub and Rnfail040_A:nub
-- List:nub is in scope as M.nub and nub
-- Rnfail040_A:nub is in scope as T.nub, M.nub, and nub
module M1 (module M) where
The export item `module M'
creates conflicting exports for `Data.List.nub' and `Rnfail040_A.nub'
Conflicting exports for `nub':
`module M' exports `Data.List.nub' imported from List at rnfail040.hs:10
`module M' exports `Rnfail040_A.nub' imported from Rnfail040_A at rnfail040.hs:11
(defined at Rnfail040_A.hs:2)
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