Commit 508a3a33 authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Build system: don't build runghc if GhcWithInterpreter=NO (#10261)

To test:
  * run `make clean` in utils/runghc
  * make sure inplace/bin doesn't contain runghc
  * set GhcWithInterpreter=NO in
  * run `make`
  * note that inplace/bin doesn't contain runghc

It won't be installed either, nor will runhaskell.

Differential Revision:
parent 018fec02
......@@ -661,7 +661,11 @@ BUILD_DIRS += utils/dll-split
BUILD_DIRS += utils/ghc-pwd
BUILD_DIRS += utils/ghc-cabal
BUILD_DIRS += utils/hpc
ifeq "$(GhcWithInterpreter)" "YES"
BUILD_DIRS += utils/runghc
else ifeq "$(CLEANING)" "YES"
BUILD_DIRS += utils/runghc
ifneq "$(BINDIST)" "YES"
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