Commit 5335e569 authored by dreixel's avatar dreixel
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Turn manual Typeable instances into errors; fixes #8132

parent d02a50ee
......@@ -409,7 +409,7 @@ tcInstDecls1 tycl_decls inst_decls deriv_decls
-- Remove any handwritten instance of poly-kinded Typeable and warn
; dflags <- getDynFlags
; when (wopt Opt_WarnTypeableInstances dflags) $
mapM_ (addWarnTc . instMsg) typeable_instances
mapM_ (failWithTc . instMsg) typeable_instances
-- Check that if the module is compiled with -XSafe, there are no
-- hand written instances of old Typeable as then unsafe casts could be
......@@ -444,7 +444,7 @@ tcInstDecls1 tycl_decls inst_decls deriv_decls
typInstErr = ptext $ sLit $ "Can't create hand written instances of Typeable in Safe"
++ " Haskell! Can only derive them"
instMsg i = hang (ptext (sLit $ "Typeable instances can only be derived; ignoring "
instMsg i = hang (ptext (sLit $ "Typeable instances can only be derived; replace "
++ "the following instance:"))
2 (pprInstance (iSpec i))
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