Commit 53889193 authored by dterei's avatar dterei
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do not use -rpath-link linker option on Solaris.

Patch from Karel Gardas <>.
parent b4797136
......@@ -1752,7 +1752,16 @@ linkBinary dflags o_files dep_packages = do
rpath = if gopt Opt_RPath dflags
then ["-Wl,-rpath", "-Wl," ++ libpath]
else []
in ["-L" ++ l, "-Wl,-rpath-link", "-Wl," ++ l] ++ rpath
-- Solaris 11's linker does not support -rpath-link option. It silently
-- ignores it and then complains about next option which is -l<some
-- dir> as being a directory and not expected object file, E.g
-- ld: elf error: file
-- /tmp/ghc-src/libraries/base/dist-install/build:
-- elf_begin: I/O error: region read: Is a directory
rpathlink = if (platformOS platform) == OSSolaris2
then []
else ["-Wl,-rpath-link", "-Wl," ++ l]
in ["-L" ++ l] ++ rpathlink ++ rpath
| otherwise = ["-L" ++ l]
let lib_paths = libraryPaths dflags
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