Commit 56c26f5e authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones Committed by Ben Gamari

Small refactor use the same error message rather than duplicating it
parent 7b7b338b
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ import TcBinds
import TcTyClsDecls
import TcTyDecls ( addTyConsToGblEnv )
import TcClassDcl( tcClassDecl2, tcATDefault,
HsSigFun, mkHsSigFun,
HsSigFun, mkHsSigFun, badMethodErr,
findMethodBind, instantiateMethod )
import TcSigs
import TcRnMonad
......@@ -1539,13 +1539,11 @@ tcMethods dfun_id clas tyvars dfun_ev_vars inst_tys
-- Check if any method bindings do not correspond to the class.
-- See Note [Mismatched class methods and associated type families].
= let bind_nms = map unLoc $ collectMethodBinders binds
= mapM_ (addErrTc . badMethodErr clas) mismatched_meths
bind_nms = map unLoc $ collectMethodBinders binds
cls_meth_nms = map (idName . fst) op_items
mismatched_meths = bind_nms `minusList` cls_meth_nms
in forM_ mismatched_meths $ \mismatched_meth ->
addErrTc $ hsep
[ text "Class", quotes (ppr (className clas))
, text "does not have a method", quotes (ppr mismatched_meth)]
Note [Mismatched class methods and associated type families]
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