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Fix import list of TcTyClsDecls after merge

parent 91923f12
......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ import TcType ( TcKind, TcType, Type, tyVarsOfType, mkPhiTy,
mkArrowKind, liftedTypeKind, mkTyVarTys,
tcSplitSigmaTy, tcEqTypes, tcGetTyVar_maybe )
import Type ( PredType(..), splitTyConApp_maybe, mkTyVarTy,
newTyConInstRhs, isLiftedTypeKind, Kind
newTyConInstRhs, isLiftedTypeKind, Kind,
splitKindFunTys, mkArrowKinds
-- pprParendType, pprThetaArrow
import Generics ( validGenericMethodType, canDoGenerics )
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