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doc: 'import M' is the same as ':module +M'

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......@@ -577,7 +577,9 @@ hello
Prelude IO>
<para>(Note: <literal>:module</literal> can be shortened to
<para>(Note: you can use <literal>import M</literal> as an
alternative to <literal>:module +M</literal>, and
<literal>:module</literal> can also be shortened to
<literal>:m</literal>). The full syntax of the
<literal>:module</literal> command is:</para>
......@@ -2066,9 +2068,15 @@ Prelude> :main foo bar
<literal>:module <optional>+|-</optional> <optional>*</optional><replaceable>mod<subscript>1</subscript></replaceable> ... <optional>*</optional><replaceable>mod<subscript>n</subscript></replaceable></literal>
<literal>import <replaceable>mod</replaceable></literal>
<para>Sets or modifies the current context for statements
typed at the prompt. See <xref linkend="ghci-scope"/> for
typed at the prompt. The form <literal>import
<replaceable>mod</replaceable></literal> is equivalent to
<literal>:module +<replaceable>mod</replaceable></literal>.
See <xref linkend="ghci-scope"/> for
more details.</para>
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