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Say that building packages as DLLs is now no longer supported, but may still
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......@@ -79,7 +79,10 @@
single DLL on Windows is that the package system is used to
tell the compiler when it should make an inter-DLL call
rather than an intra-DLL call (inter-DLL calls require an
extra indirection).</para>
extra indirection). <Strong>Building packages as DLLs
doesn't work at the moment; see <XRef
LinkEnd="win32-dlls-create"> for the gory details.</Strong>
<para>Versions of the Haskell libraries for use with GHCi
may also be included: GHCi cannot load <literal>.a</literal>
......@@ -127,8 +130,8 @@ ld -r --whole-archive -o HSfoo.o libHSfoo.a
bear in mind that we might add support for Unix shared libraries
at some point in the future.</para>
<para>It is worth noting that on Windows, because each package
is built as a DLL, and a reference to a DLL costs an extra
<para>It is worth noting that on Windows, when each package
is built as a DLL, since a reference to a DLL costs an extra
indirection, intra-package references are cheaper than
inter-package references. Of course, this applies to the
<filename>Main</filename> package as well.</para>
......@@ -277,7 +280,8 @@ ld -r --whole-archive -o HSfoo.o libHSfoo.a
<para>A list of libraries containing Haskell code for this
package, with the <literal>.a</literal> or
<literal>.dll</literal> suffix omitted. On Unix, the
<literal>.dll</literal> suffix omitted. When packages are
built as libraries, the
<literal>lib</literal> prefix is also omitted.</para>
<para>For use with GHCi, each library should have an
......@@ -80,6 +80,11 @@ option on all the Haskell modules that make up your application.
<Strong>Making libraries into DLLs doesn't work on Windows at the
moment (and is no longer supported); however, all the machinery is
still there. If you're interested, contact the GHC team. Note that
building an entire Haskell application as a DLL is still supported
(it's just inter-DLL Haskell calls that don't work).</Strong>
<IndexTerm><Primary>Creating a Win32 DLL</Primary></IndexTerm>
Sealing up your Haskell library inside a DLL is straightforward;
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