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Fix Trac #4345: simplifier bug

This is another long-standing bug, in which there was a possibility
that a loop-breaker could lose its loop-breaker-hood OccInfo, 
and then the simplifer re-simplified the expression. Result, either
non-termination or, in the case of #4345, an unbound identifier.

The fix is very simple, in Id.transferPolyIdInfo. 
See Note [transferPolyIdInfo].
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......@@ -654,29 +654,44 @@ zapFragileIdInfo = zapInfo zapFragileInfo
Note [transferPolyIdInfo]
Suppose we have
This transfer is used in two places:
FloatOut (long-distance let-floating)
SimplUtils.abstractFloats (short-distance let-floating)
Consider the short-distance let-floating:
f = /\a. let g = rhs in ...
where g has interesting strictness information. Then if we float thus
Then if we float thus
g' = /\a. rhs
f = /\a. ...[g' a/g]
f = /\a. ...[g' a/g]....
we *do not* want to lose g's
* strictness information
* arity
* inline pragma (though that is bit more debatable)
* occurrence info
Mostly this is just an optimisation, but it's *vital* to
transfer the occurrence info. Consider
NonRec { f = /\a. let Rec { g* = ..g.. } in ... }
where the '*' means 'LoopBreaker'. Then if we float we must get
It's simple to retain strictness and arity, but not so simple to retain
Rec { g'* = /\a. ...(g' a)... }
NonRec { f = /\a. ...[g' a/g]....}
where g' is also marked as LoopBreaker. If not, terrible things
can happen if we re-simplify the binding (and the Simplifier does
sometimes simplify a term twice); see Trac #4345.
It's not so simple to retain
* worker info
* rules
so we simply discard those. Sooner or later this may bite us.
This transfer is used in two places:
FloatOut (long-distance let-floating)
SimplUtils.abstractFloats (short-distance let-floating)
If we abstract wrt one or more *value* binders, we must modify the
arity and strictness info before transferring it. E.g.
f = \x. e
......@@ -699,6 +714,7 @@ transferPolyIdInfo old_id abstract_wrt new_id
old_info = idInfo old_id
old_arity = arityInfo old_info
old_inline_prag = inlinePragInfo old_info
old_occ_info = occInfo old_info
new_arity = old_arity + arity_increase
old_strictness = strictnessInfo old_info
new_strictness = fmap (increaseStrictSigArity arity_increase) old_strictness
......@@ -706,4 +722,5 @@ transferPolyIdInfo old_id abstract_wrt new_id
transfer new_info = new_info `setStrictnessInfo` new_strictness
`setArityInfo` new_arity
`setInlinePragInfo` old_inline_prag
`setOccInfo` old_occ_info
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