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hadrian/doc: Clarify documentation of key-value configuration

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......@@ -382,7 +382,8 @@ the right names for them:
- the stage slot, which comes first, can be filled with any of `stage0`,
`stage1`, `stage2`, `stage3` or `*`; any value but `*` will restrict the
setting update to targets built during the given stage, while `*` is taken
to mean "for any stage".
to mean "for any stage". For instance, the above example will affect
the linking of the `_build/stage1/bin/ghc` executable.
- the package slot, which comes second, can be filled with any package name
that Hadrian knows about (all packages that are part of a GHC checkout),
or `*`, to respectively mean that the builder options are going to be updated
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