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..and a bit more

Mon Sep 18 14:30:11 EDT 2006  Manuel M T Chakravarty <>
  * ..and a bit more
  Sat Aug  5 21:23:16 EDT 2006  Manuel M T Chakravarty <>
    * ..and a bit more
    Fri Jul  7 10:40:40 EDT 2006
parent d937e740
......@@ -551,44 +551,6 @@ tcMethods origin clas inst_tyvars' dfun_theta' inst_tys'
mapM tc_method_bind meth_infos `thenM` \ meth_binds_s ->
returnM (meth_ids, unionManyBags meth_binds_s)
v v v v v v v
-- Derived newtype instances
tcMethods origin clas inst_tyvars' dfun_theta' inst_tys'
avail_insts op_items (NewTypeDerived maybe_co rep_tys)
= getInstLoc origin `thenM` \ inst_loc ->
mapAndUnzip3M (do_one inst_loc) op_items `thenM` \ (meth_ids, meth_binds, rhs_insts) ->
(ptext SLIT("newtype derived instance"))
inst_tyvars' avail_insts rhs_insts `thenM` \ lie_binds ->
-- I don't think we have to do the checkSigTyVars thing
returnM (meth_ids, lie_binds `unionBags` listToBag meth_binds)
do_one inst_loc (sel_id, _)
= -- The binding is like "op @ NewTy = op @ RepTy"
-- Make the *binder*, like in mkMethodBind
tcInstClassOp inst_loc sel_id inst_tys' `thenM` \ meth_inst ->
-- Make the *occurrence on the rhs*
tcInstClassOp inst_loc sel_id rep_tys' `thenM` \ rhs_inst ->
meth_id = instToId meth_inst
return (meth_id, noLoc (VarBind meth_id (nlHsVar (instToId rhs_inst))), rhs_inst)
-- Instantiate rep_tys with the relevant type variables
-- This looks a bit odd, because inst_tyvars' are the skolemised version
-- of the type variables in the instance declaration; but rep_tys doesn't
-- have the skolemised version, so we substitute them in here
rep_tys' = substTys subst rep_tys
subst = zipOpenTvSubst inst_tyvars' (mkTyVarTys inst_tyvars')
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
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