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Remove outdated information about main() in HSrts (#1)

The main method is not contained in HSrts so the removed section is no longer valid.
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......@@ -504,13 +504,11 @@ for example).
There's one other gotcha to bear in mind when using external
libraries: if the library contains a ``main()`` function, then this
will be linked in preference to GHC's own ``main()`` function (eg.
``libf2c`` and ``libl`` have their own ``main()``\ s). This is
because GHC's ``main()`` comes from the ``HSrts`` library, which is
normally included *after* all the other libraries on the linker's
command line. To force GHC's ``main()`` to be used in preference to
any other ``main()``\ s from external libraries, just add the option
``-lHSrts`` before any other libraries on the command line.
will be a link conflict with GHC's own ``main()`` function (eg.
``libf2c`` and ``libl`` have their own ``main()``\ s).
You can use an external main function if you initialize the RTS manually
and pass ``-no-hs-main``. See also :ref:`using-own-main`.
.. ghc-flag:: -c
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